Cart Features

Suspension system

Supreme Golf Carts is excited to introduce our new suspension systems for the HUMMER H3 and Cadillac Escalade custom golf carts. Now our HUMMER H3, Cadillac Escalade and Roadster Models will feature full tubular independent front suspensions systems with fully adjustable coil-over shocks. This new suspension system now offers the smoothest, most comfortable ride for our valued customers.

Standard Equipment

Our Custom Golf Carts come with standard headlights, brake lights, turn signals, horn and feature a standard 4-wheel braking system, which includes the use of front wheel hydraulic disk brakes.

Custom Golf Cart Suspension Motor Brakes

AC Motor Drive System

Our Custom Golf cart continue to lead the market. Our current lineup of carts now feature BRUSHLESS AC MOTOR DRIVE SYSTEMS, which are capable of up to 5000 rpm. On all LSV models, this drive system will achieve the federally mandated speed of 25 mph quickly and efficiently with plenty of torque for additional passengers and hilly terrain.


All current model Supreme Golf Carts are covered by an exclusive 48- month/unlimited mileage 4 year Powertrain Warranty*- the longest available in the industry. We pride ourselves in delivering a product that we can stand behind.

Living The Good Life

Enjoy the beautiful weather in Southern California with one of our custom golf carts. Located in Huntington Beach, Supreme Golf Carts offers unique and affordable street legal golf carts.

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