Custom Moke Golf Carts

By supremegolfcarts, posted on October 6, 2017


The custom MOKE™ golf cart is one of our most popular custom golf carts. It is available in orange, white, red, yellow, metallic silver-gray and black. Many people choose the MOKE™ because of its unique styling and the fact that it has 4 forward facing seats. The MOKE™ is built with all new parts and is manufactured with great craftsmanship. It is a definite head-turner and extremely fun to drive. This custom golf cart is rugged and very solid. The engineering of this golf cart is second to none. Supreme Golf Carts in Huntington Beach is proud to offer such a high quality low speed vehicle that is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.


The body is made of rugged and corrosion-proof steel. Living in a beach town, one will feel great knowing this as it is much more protected from the salt water versus its competitors. The MOKE™ uses a long lasting 48-volt system to ensure maximum travel range. As for our power source, we use industry leading Traction AGM batteries. Our system is also managed by the SEVCON computerized controller. The MOKE™ custom golf cart also features an on-board 12-volt converter that supplies an in-dash power source to power up anything from a smart phone to a laptop computer.


Our custom golf carts are some of the safest golf carts on the road, and the MOKE™ is no different. Our standard safety features include, standard headlights and brake lights, functioning turn signals, horn and windshield wipers. Our braking system is the best offered on a golf cart. It has standard 4-wheel braking system, which includes the use of front wheel hydraulic disk brakes as well as hydraulic drum rear brakes. Most gold carts out there do not offer front brakes. With all the standard features that have been engineered into the MOKE™, we are confident to say that we have set the bar in the Custom Electric Vehicle industry to a level that has never been seen. Our new model ACG cars are covered by an exclusive 48- month/unlimited mileage 4-year Powertrain Warranty, which is the longest available in the industry. (see Warranty Manual for details)


Overall Length 129 Inches 3290 mm
Overall Width 60 Inches 1530 mm
Height to top of Windshield 59 Inches 1500 mm
Wheelbase 83 Inches 2120 mm
Ground Clearance 7 Inches 180 mm
(standard vehicle no batteries)
541 lb. 245 Kg
(Curb, with Batteries)
948 lb. 430 Kg
2,200 lb. 998 Kg
Tire Size
Tire Size
Hydraulic Disk
Hydraulic Drum Type
Drive Motor Direct Drive
48 Volts
3-phase Induction
20 hp peak
Transaxle Double Reduction
high speed gears
Electrical System 48 volts DC
Batteries Four (4) @ 12V each
in series/parallel
48V DC Nominal
Battery Charger On-Board Delta-Q
Speed Controller SEVCON Gen4
450 Amp Continuous
Steering Rack and Pinion
Body One-piece
all steel Unibody
Body Finish Automotive Paint
Interior Material Marine-type Vinyl
Carpet Marine-type Synthetic
Forward Speed <25 MPH (NEV)
Braking Distance
(from 12 mph)
<8 feet
Standard Seating Capacity 4