Custom Hummer Limo Golf Carts

By supremegolfcarts, posted on October 5, 2017

The Hummer H3 was built to be fun, attractive and very reliable. The dual-purpose platform allows you to transform your Hummer H3 from a community vehicle to be the envy of everyone on the golf course with an easy to use hand- release golf bag attachment. Our Hummer golf cart is street legal and can be driven on any street with the proper speed limit posted.

Unmatched Engineering…

The high quality of the Hummer H3 begins with the engineering of the car from the ground up. The frames are made from rugged and corrosion-proof all aluminum I-beams. These are the best quality that you will find on any LEV vehicle on the market.

The Hummer H3 uses a long lasting 48-volt system to ensure maximum range using industry leading Traction batteries managed by the SEVCON computerized controller.

The Hi-output 17.5 peak horsepower AC motor is powerful enough to move you and your passengers uphill while being efficient enough to deliver a very high range of travel distance. This high-power source also powers a 12-volt converter that gives you an in-dash power source to power you cell phone or laptop computer.

Safety is very important here at Supreme Golf Carts. The Hummer H3 has been outfitted with standard headlights, brake lights, turn signals and horn. Our golf carts also feature a standard 4-wheel braking system, which includes the use of front wheel hydraulic disk brakes. This system ensures drivers the ability to stop much quicker than any other cart on the market.

With all of the standard features that have been engineered into the Hummer H3, ACG, Inc. has set the bar in the Custom Electric Vehicle industry to a level that has never before been seen. Supreme Golf Carts in Huntington Beach is very proud to offer the Hummer H3 golf cart to our valued customers.

All current model ACG cars are covered by an exclusive 48- month/unlimited mileage 4-year Powertrain Warranty*- the longest available in the industry! (* see Warranty Manual for details)

Standard Colors

  • red
  • white
  • yellow
  • silver


Overall Length 158 Inches
Overall Width 51 Inches
Height to top of Windshield 55 Inches
Wheelbase 78 Inches
Ground Clearance 7.2 Inches
(standard vehicle no batteries)
1,088 lb.
(Curb, with Batteries)
1,480 lb.
2,500 lb.
Tire Size
205/65 R15
Tire Size
205/65 R15
Hydraulic Disk
7” Mechanical Drum Type
Drive Motor Direct Drive
48 Volts
3-phase AC, 17.5 hp
Transaxle Double Reduction, high speed gears
Electrical System 48 volts DC
Batteries Six (6) @ 8V each in series = 48V DC
Battery Charger Delta-Q
Speed Controller SEVCON Gen4 @ 450 Amp Continuous
Steering Rack and Pinion
Chassis Aluminum I-Beam
Body One-piece Fiberglass Composite
Body Finish Automotive Paint
Interior Material Marine-type Vinyl
Carpet Marine-type Synthetic
Forward Speed <15 MPH
Braking Distance
(from 12 mph)
<8 feet
Standard Seating Capacity 4 or 6